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Terre Mère - 2012 - Jocelyn Ménard - () - With Dominique Bérose, Sonny Troupé, Raymond Grego, Raymond d’Huy, Grégory Privat, Gino Chantoiseau, Olivier Juste + Max Fontès, Philippe d'Huy, Fred Desplan, Steve Browman, Malika Tirolien...
“Jocelyn Ménard is a solid instrumentalist and a pleasant composer with both a nice slap and a great expressiveness- which some of his Northern fellow citizens sometimes lack- He has obviously found through his journeys, the inspiration and energy to give some content to his work, either jazz, latin jazz or jazz fusion, without any kind of straight mannerism.” – Yves Sportis – Jazz Hot – Feb. 2013

Men Art Works - 2001 - Jocelyn Ménard - Effendi Records (FND025) - With Jocelyn Ménard (sax), Alain Jean-Marie (pno), Martin Auguste (dms), Georges Mitchell (dbl-bass)
“Whether playing on a soprano or a tenor, Jocelyn Ménard’s way of playing is all about steady readibility and dense expression blend with a remarkable rhythmic (…) But the album would have never reached such a level of success without its outstanding cohesion. “ – Stéphane Carimi – Jazzman – Oct. 2002 “Jocelyn Ménard Jazz Quartet’s label debut Men Art Works is an excellent sculpture of melodics mosaics collected on one amazing, inspired disc. […] Ménard is swinging hard and fast, rounding curves and personifying the opening song. “ – Paula Edelstein – All Music Guide.

Guanada - 1999 - Ménard, Deveault, Chomereau-Lamotte - (MDCL 001) - With Jocelyn Ménard – sax, Normand Deveault – pno et Charly Chomereau-Lamotte - perc.
“The outcome ? A nice and neat work based on some of the band’s original compositions as well as on a few standards recorded Live in Pointe-à-Pitre.” – Serge Baudot – Jazz Hot “Guanada, a gentle and yet lasting perfume. Guanada a fully developed and deliciously scented fruit only waiting to be savoured. Gua for Guadeloupe, Nada for Canada ! “ – Marie-Line Ampigny – TV Mag Guadeloupe.