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At the crossroads between Guadeloupe and North America, Jocelyn Ménard is a saxophonist with a warm sound. Trained in Montreal, New York and Paris, he moved to Guadeloupe in the late 80s to teach. He quickly became part of the island’s musical community, with whom he played and set up numerous projects. After a first album in 2001, he opened his own school, and developed his Gwanada project, which blends Caribbean rhythms with influences from his native Canada. In 2012, he released Terre Mère, which expands on the compositions created with Gwanada. Jocelyn shares his music between the West Indies and Canada, where he performs regularly. He can be found performing at New ‘Ti Paris, Creole Beach and Diamant in Guadeloupe, as well as at Bar Saint-Angèle and Dièse Onze in Montreal. Jocelyn is currently touring the new format of his Caribbean Jazz Group on these different stages.