Pwofési @ Man Jàn

Pwofési A Man Jàn is a show for the dream and the imagination, a journey between different worlds… The show uses different disciplines to create several universes which are put in parallel, in opposition, in juxtaposition. The dance represents the movement, the music gives the melody and the rhythm. The screen represents the imagination and the lighting gives rhythm to time. Inspired by African mythology, the project tells the story of Man Jàn, a great healer from Guadeloupe, recognized and respected by all but also… feared.

The show opens with the “Terre Mère” trilogy inspired by the rhythms of Gwoka. Thus, “le Réveil” (the awakening) – of humanity – is articulated on a biguine with a false pajenbel tune, followed by “l’Eclosion” (the hatching), a ballad composed to a kaladja rhythm, to end on Intempérie (storm) built on a mendé. At this moment on the screen, scrolling images of a weather presenter in Quebec during the winter period, the dance, a mix of street dance and modern jazz, tries to keep a balance between these two worlds. On a text by Max Rippon “Chak Jou Ki Pasé Sé On Jou Ki Ka Konté”, Man Jàn enters the stage where she meets her friends whom she hadn’t met since time immemorial. In the West Indies, the spirit of the dead is very present in the morals and customs. Lembé, based on the rhythm of the léwoz, music traditionally played during funeral wakes, is then performed on soprano saxophone.